Divorce is a delicate subject because the couple divorcing see it as a failure and family members gossip about what went wrong in the marriage. Children are caught in the middle and experience a barrage of feelings, such as anger, sadness and abandonment. If not handled properly, the divorce can cause behavioral issues with children. Divorce is costly in time and in money. It is a lengthy process with proceedings lasting a year.

Apart from what we learn about divorce through the media, there are some surprising facts about divorce. We know that marrying young can lead to divorce as well as second marriages do not have a great survival rate. Yet, below are seven divorce facts that have raised eyebrows.

  1. Children who split their time living with both parents tend to be healthier than children who live with only one parent. When a child splits time between both parents, it is reflection of the parents communicating and working together to co-parent.
  2. The more money you spend on your wedding, the shorter the marriage will be. The dream wedding that includes a wedding planner, an elaborate venue, a photo booth and more is an example of lavish spending — mostly by the bride’s parents. This spending behavior can spill over into the marriage, when there may not be a great deal of disposable income. And there is the misconception that an expensive engagement ring is a sign of commitment. It’s really just a display of wealth and not necessarily of success.
  3. Most couples have a conversation about getting divorced — unless you are rich and famous. Russell Brand texted Katy Perry he wanted a divorce. Phil Collins sent a fax to his wife about their divorce. And Nigella Lawson didn’t realize she was getting divorced until her husband sent out a press release about it.
  4. If one partner smokes, the marriage is 75% likely to end in divorce.
  5. Facebook is now a cause of divorce. The social media property is now used in divorce proceedings because the pictures and posts by spouses can be used as evidence (e.g. adultery).
  6. Divorce can happen at any age. A 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife because he found love letters she wrote to another man after they were married. The couple divorced in 2011, even though the affair happened in the 1940s.
  7. You can go to a hotel for your honeymoon and you now can go to one for a divorce. The Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in New York offers such a package. The unhappy couple will receive separate hotel rooms, a divorce lawyer (per person), a mediator and legal paperwork.